This product plan is designed to return a fixed weekly interest of exactly  2.2% on principal (deposit), and last 32 calendar days. Interest will be auto credited into your account balance every 8 calendar days until your principal expire after 32 calendar days. Upon expiry the interest would stop being credited unless you invest further.

Key Features of WPP

  • Principal amount is held (Not allowed to withdraw) for 32 days.
  • Principal is transferred to client account on 32nd day.
  • As soon as client deposit principal for WPP it will be considered to be one slot of product plan. A slot will be considered to be opened
  • As soon as principal is transferred to client account, that slot terminates or will be closed.
  • Every client can have a maximum of 10 slots per PLAN A (WPP) account.
  • Profit calculation shall be on a simple/flat rate on principal amount.
  • Each client opting for PLAN (WPP) will have:
    • Minimum Principal: $10.00
    • Maximum Principal: $1,000.00
    • Maximum slot: 10
    • Rate/Percentage: 2.2%
    • Principal Held duration: 32 days
    • Collection of Interest Returns: 8 days
    • Number of Interest returns: 4
  • Profit transfer into client account will be at a count of every 8 multiples Thus:
    • 1st profit payment = 8 days after principal deposit for the plan
    • 2nd profit payment = 16 days after principal deposit for the plan
    • 3rd profit payment = 24 days after principal deposit for the plan
    • 4th profit payment = 32 days after principal deposit for the plan
  • Total Profit will be calculated as by Principal Amount (A), Rate (R), number of interest payment count
    • Thus: Weekly Interest Amount= Principal Amount * Rate * Interest Payment count
      $1000*0.022*4 = $88
    • Gross investment amount will be calculated as Principal amount invested + Total Interest return
      $1000 + 88= $1088